Precision down to the smallest detail

Individual service from the very start

As specialists for real estate investment and asset management services, we form a focused unit, thus guaranteeing optimum service for the entire time a property is held from purchase to sale. LUWIN currently manages a diversified real estate portfolio with a volume of more than EUR 2.5 billion in Europe, predominantly in Germany.

Real estate investment management

Forward-looking strategy development:

Together with our investors, we develop and define intelligent investment strategies and acquisition criteria. We observe the current market conditions while anticipating future conditions. We pay attention to possible growth scenarios, sharing our experience derived from different market cycles with our investors and always keeping our eyes on a favourable exit scenario.

Successful transaction management:

With our many years of experience and proven expertise in conducting real estate transactions, we ensure the transaction process is efficient and results-oriented. This always takes place under the conditions of detailed underwriting and careful due diligence.

Optimal market access:

Efficient deal sourcing is second nature for us. Thanks to our extensive and established network within the relevant target markets, we offer our investors the best possible access to attractive real estate products. We enjoy above average trust from key market players and often have the opportunity to acquire properties that are only off-market or being offered to a limited group of investors.

Asset Management

Detailed portfolio analysis:

The basic requirement for our asset management activities is a careful evaluation of the property and portfolio situation. Regardless of risk profile, every property has potential that we identify through detailed analysis and consequently realise in consultation with our investors.

Targeted strategy development:

We devise unique property and portfolio strategies for our clients. These strategies ensure gradual optimisation of the underlying cash flow, the greatest possible appreciation and flexible asset fungibility. Our approach is tailored to each individual asset and ranges from intelligent leasing strategies and continuous cost optimisation to fundamental repositioning.

Proactive execution:

We take a proactive and consistent approach to implement the defined strategies. We keep in daily contact with your assets and are in constant dialogue with tenants and all relevant service providers. Our proactive asset management is the foundation for improving your property’s performance. It enables us to detect and manage both risks and opportunities as early as possible.

Continuous management:

Continuity in managing your properties is our top priority and the standard of quality that sets us apart. Our many years of experience in the field have given us plenty of practice in dealing with demanding tenants and properties that require intensive management. We work closely with the best service providers for each segment and location and keep in close contact with the respective tenants.

Customised reporting:

For us, ideal investor service and property management includes preparing individual and customised reports. We design them with your input and then prepare them on time to meet your schedule.